Group Subsidiaries

In order to further improve the efficiency of market development, we are now looking for long-term sales cooperation partners nationwide to realize complementary advantages and win-win cooperation.

Business Model
With the development of the enterprise itself and the change of the market competition environment, WELLE Group has expanded a variety of business models including: engineering contracting (including EPC, equipment supply, etc.), technology equipment manufacturing, PPP (including BOT, TOT, BOO, etc.), energy management contract (EMC), commissioning operation and after-sales service, investment and merger.
Sales channel partner requirements

Rich business experience and resources in project/region;

Understand various businesses of WELLE Group and promote them with own advantages;

According to the project situation, recommend the company or its subsidiaries to participate in the marketing development with the most suitable business model;

Responsible for the preliminary business work, and facilitate the implementation of the project;

Good business reputation, abide by the relevant national laws and regulations;

Identify with WELLE’s corporate culture: professional, rigorous, efficient, open

The sales cooperation channel partners will take the project cooperation as the starting point, and the specific cooperation mode is “one project one discussion”. The following cooperation can be developed into the business unit of WELLE Group or the regional sales cooperation channel based on the cooperation situation.。
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